Construction and assembly companies

Construction and assembly companies
Construction and assembly companies 2018-11-28T13:31:49+00:00

The companies are concerned that they will not be 

able to obtain the right insurance required by investors.

Biggest risks:
  • when constructing or assembling, the structure that has been built or the structure that is in the immediate vicinity of the site is damaged or destroyed;
  • the existing property on which the adaptation is carried out, is damaged or destroyed;
  • construction or assembly costs are rising due to unforeseen circumstances;
  • workers are injured at work; 
  • a fire or a natural disaster occurs, costs for warranty repairs arise. 
Challenges on the field of insurance:
  • obtaining the right insurance required by investors;
  • too expensive and inefficient insurance;
  • late or low payment of insurance fee.
How we take care of the security of the company?

We advise the company to acquire the right insurance, required by the investors.

The company gets a professional risk analysis shall assess the extent of the maximum possible damage that may arise at construction or assembly.

The company gets quality guarantees and appropriate insurance premiums.

We are helping in case of damage.